Cooling Mats/Coats

The Chillr cooling mat reduces body temperature by up to 7°C and lasts for up to 6 hours, depending on the surrounding temperature. The cooling mat is filled with phase-change material (PCM), which melts into liquid gradually while absorbing heat from the human or pet body. The PCM re-crystallize naturally when the cooling mat is kept in a cool place less than 25°C. More information regarding phase change material can be found on Wikipedia.

Chillr cooling mat is suitable for small animals, cats, dogs and humans. Available in two sizes.

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Chillr PCM Cooling Mat

Let your pet stay cool and comfortable without overheating. The Chillr cooling mat works by absorbin..


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Cooling Coat

ICE BEAR Dog Cool Coat use the latest Microperforation technology to offer the best cooling garments..


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